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Kinky Winnebago

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Remember in the summer when the boys were staying at that house in Cali and that one girl stayed there for like a week with cal and there wasn’t even drama about it but now it’s like whoa cal gave this girl a free ticket I’m sure they slept together like do you even hear yourself?

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"Do I look like I know how to twerk? I’m a small, blonde boy." x

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so punk rock


AU MEME: your boyfriend Michael was on the phone to you when his car crashes casing him to fall into a minor coma for a week. He wakes up luckily without any fatal injuries and remembers everyone and everything but you.  

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5SOS AU:The boys as 1950’s greasers. Luke and Calum are the leaders of two rival gangs and Luke doesn’t take too kindly to Calum hitting on his girl. (gif credit x x) (if you have a link for the last set of Luke gifs please let me know).

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Even his armpit is more attractive than me 

Crying in turdy seven languages

Luke & Calum + Could you get any cuter


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@seventeenmag: Major hottie alert 😍 Backstage with @5SOS and @jacksonguthy! Who’s as obsessed with them as we are 🙋🙋 



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